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Spanish suggestions

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Are you looking for an online class?


If so, you have two types of options:


-- skype with a tutor (usually native speaker) through 121Spanish.com or spanish.academy are two that have been used by WTMers in the past

-- live online class (Ray Levin, La Clase Divertida, Wilson Hill Academy, or The Potters School are some options)


Prices vary. Number of meetings per week vary. Length of classes vary. Additional cost for materials vary. I can point you to review posts for some of these options, depending on what you are looking for.


My oldest just finished Spanish 1-3 with La Clase Divertida and is signed up for Spanish 4 with Wilson Hill next year. She will be taking a handful of classes through spanish.academy and italki this summer to beef up her conversational skills before facing a native speaker in the fall!


I know other WTMers who speak highly of Ray Levin and at least one WTMer who has a kid who just finished Wilson Hill's Spanish 2, I think. 

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The Destinos series is online and free. You can get live teaching free through Virtual Homeschool Group, or self-study here: http://www.learner.org/resources/series75.html. The classes on VHG are taught by native or fluent speakers, and the students get speaking practice.


S/he would need the text and workbooks, which can be purchased pretty cheap on Amazon, but the videos are streamed free from the above site. It is a college-level course, so it isn't expected to be finished in a year.

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