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Opinions of A Beka Algebra 2?

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I don't see it listed in the math sticky. How's it measure up with the others? DS has done Foerster's Algebra 1 with Math w/o Borders and is currently doing Jurgensen's Geometry. I was planning to use Foerster's & MWOB again, but was given A Beka Algebra 2. How's it compare? It'd be nice to save $. 

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I haven't used it. My oldest used Abeka Alg 1, Jurgensen, then Foerster Alg 2. Abeka left gaps that were evident in the first (review) chapter of Foerster Alg 2. Quite a bit of the material was new. It wasn't a horrible issue - just something that would come up here and there where something should have been new material built on a familiar foundation, but for her was new on unlearned material.


I think it is fine if you do the whole Abeka sequence, because I assume they just introduce things in a different order or delay certain topics. However, I think if you have been happy with Foerster and Jurgensen, you will be let down by Abeka and under-prepared for pre-calc.


Also, Abeka upper levels are written to be taught by a teacher. If you paid for the videos, your cost savings would be gone.


I recommend looking at the text to form your own opinion and not just taking my word for it. And see what your kid thinks.

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I've been helping a student with some of A Beka's Pre-Calculus. The biggest problem with it is that it is written for a math teacher not a homeschool parent who isn't strong in math. Even with the video instruction, he's still struggling. 


I would say go with what you know works, regardless of the money. 




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