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Ugh neighbourhood picnic


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I am just flummoxed by the weird old guy who runs our neighbourhood FB group.


I suggested a community picnic, and people seemed enthisiastic, so I started a group to plan it.  He doesn't like the place we are planning to have it and is freaking out.  He is going to call the coucilor, someone's child will be killed, there isn't enough room there for the 500 (!?) people he thinks will show up, people worked hard to have a memorial anchor placed there and no one ever goes in that park....  and some people (me I guess) just want it to be close to our house and make a name for ourselves.


My across the street neighbour, who is just lovely, is really upset and thinks maybe we should just call it off.


This is the same guy who has pretty much made sure the neighbourhood page is poorly subscribed because of the crazy way he manages it, and the snide things he says about others.


Why do crazy mean people feel they have to control everything?  He doesn't have to come to the picnic, after all.

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IME, every neighborhood listserv has one. In ours, they like to argue about gentrification. It gets *crazy* sometimes.


Just hold the picnic and ignore him the best you can. I agree with taking the planning to a new group if possible. Or just make executive decisions and then announce what's happening. "I know this can't please everyone, but I did the best I could. I hope those who aren't happy will plan more events like this one at better times and locations for them. After all, the more we do together as a neighborhood the better! Thanks everyone!"

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Yeah, I think we are just going to have to cut him out of the process.


And I agree - the public can sit in a public park if they want to.


I feel like I'm failing a bit if we we just by-pass him, but he's really holding everyone else hostage to his craziness. 


It makes me appreciate why you see so few consensus based systems of governance.

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Is his page the officially official group page, and is he some sort of officially official authority, or is he just the first person who made a neighborhood group page on Facebook which everyone joined because it was the only one they knew of?


If there is no official reason for his page to be the only source of information, then I encourage you to start a new one. Give it a different focus, such as "Good Neighbors, Good Times" for event planning. Link to his page and any others relevant to your neighborhood, such as the town council, chamber of commerce, school district, etc. that way, you don't appear to be taking over, merely you are another source of information out of many sources available.


Have a very handy response available to copy/paste if people try to get gossipy about his page... something like "This page was created to be a resource for event planning (or whatever your focus is) for our neighborhood. Discussions about zoning, schools, elections, blah blah blah are encouraged to find more appropriate venues."

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He's totally just the first guy to make a page.


I have started ti seriously think about creating an alternate, mainly because I've just discovered that he's actually alienated many people from his own page.  So it really isn't functional.


I had hoped that he might give up on his page as he seems to be rather ill, but I think that's no longer practical.


I like the good neighbor idea a lot!



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