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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

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Still doing decluttering since that inspirational thread.


House is clean


Kitchen clean


Kids schoolwork done


Evening comes


Younger three in bed


Sitting down feeling relaxed


Hear a car coming up driveway


DS21 has just finished his job and has moved back home (a phone call would have been handy).


Mad rush to get the things I have stored in his room out- including all the big stripy bags full ofdeclutterd stuff to take to op shop, a antique couch that I have been hiding from new arrival ( he has smashed the leg off it already), and some confiscated toys.


House has gone from clean to disaster zone in one minute flat.

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My last day of quiet before my chatty 12 year old returns from my parents house.



-work out (HiiT cardio, with an abs add on)


-meal plan for the entire weekend (weekends are my downfall on Whole30)

-grocery store

-run dishwasher


-read outside in the sun

-straighten up a little

-discuss a plan to study for finals with older son

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Friday!  :thumbup1:


•dh is at a company golf outing so I'm holding down the fort in the office


•text my dad

•give horse eye medicine 3x (He is super fussy about having his eye touched. Last night I bribed him with shredded carrots & I'm hoping that will work again today.)

•menu plan & shopping list

•run errands (bank, post office, gas, stop at vet for dog food)


•ds golf lesson

•dinner: will pick up something at store

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Late start today

living room
MBR laundry
tidy bedrooms
wipe counters, sinks, mirrors  (so, what's easier, wiping toothpaste spatter every day, or teaching a 6 year old how to spit different?)
seat work & centers time
errands: bank, feed store, vacuum shop, auto parts store  (nah)
gardening and landscaping?  (pulling twelve weeds totally counts :coolgleamA: )

adding: lots of coffee, and more coffee (still coffeeing)

Also: mandatory trampoline time for the kids

I think I just want to go back to bed. :D



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  • Slept mostly like normal people.
  • Kids up & off to school bus.  Only six more mornings like this!
  • Work.  I need to send a bunch of stuff out, the earlier the better.  No official deadlines that I recall though ... no conference calls that I know of.
  • Pay more bills.
  • Fill out some forms.
  • It would be great to get some housework done.
  • Kids should pack for weekend with aunt.
  • Kids have their choir musical tonight.
  • Some meal out somewhere.
  • Old shows or read-aloud.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work?

I get more ecstatic every day as the school year winds down.  I think I'm now done with all school sports, band, gym suits, lunch orders, musical rehearsals, and as of tonight, special dress requirements.  My kids say they won't be having any more "major tests" - I hope they are right.  We do need to search for all the library books that are due back ....

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Good morning! Life continues apace, super busy weekend coming up with more grad parties, judo, and a swim meet. I am just trying to catch my breath and organize a driving plan (that the time-challenged people in my house won't be ridiculous about--)


To do:

daily chores

finish weekly list

buy dress pants for ds2

get dog food

get stuff together for meet (outside, supposed to rain-so it will-every year for the last 10 years)

box together for dd1

Leave for meet!


Have a great weekend!


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Well I got on a roll with personal stuff today.  I'm itching to get going with summer schooling plans.  I have been looking at this over-large pile of books and itching to start organizing and planning.  Of course I'm supposed to be "working," but I figured, let me take just a few minutes ...

  • Went through all the workbooks, nonfiction and story books that I've been hoping to use.
  • Threw out the partly-used ones that are outgrown or redundant.
  • Made a pile of unused workbooks to hand down to the nieces.
  • Started making a plan for how to use the remaining stuff.
  • Moved some of my kids' junk back in their room.
  • Cleared a bunch of other mess from various piles.
  • Folded and put away some clothes / linens.
  • Started a log of my kids' service hours so I could throw out some papers regarding them.
  • Also cleaned up my bathroom.

Now I really need to crank some serious work out ....

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human care done

pet care done

medical care done

called and got appointment

messed around with the patient portal stuff and finally got it to work only to find that the lab results I want haven't come in yet.  But at least I have it set now so that it will be easier next time.

kitchen is clean

one load of laundry is in the washer

one load is ready to fold and put away

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Well, I only got in one load of laundry before daughter claimed the washer. I'm OK with that. I'll just rest some more. :)



Eta: I washed the furniture, hosed off rhetoric porch, watered plants.


Now I'm resting before I tackle the kitchen and put dinner in the oven and take daughter to work. I would really like help from my family, but honestly it's just not worth the trouble with the attitude, half-fast effort, etc.


I'm just venting today. Le sigh

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