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I feel like newbie JAWM

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I don't know what i'm doing. 


we have been staggering along since we moved here. i just can't seem to hit my stride.


our medical concerns are pretty well handled. house projects are coming to a close in the not too distant future. now it's time for summer fun and a chance for me to decompress. 


we should be ready to settle into a real routine in the fall. if only i had any idea how to make that happen. 


sagg is starting high school. i have no idea what we're doing there. 


aries is in the throes of middle school. that's fine, i guess. i don't have an overall plan for him. 


gem is thriving and accelerating. i just have to keep up with him. so that's good. 


taurus is ... i don't know. no plan for him. 


luna is extremely 2. she is doing so well, healthy and developmentally on target. that is wonderful. but she's also disruptive and time consuming. 


my brain is exhausted. i'm tired. i put together a plan for summer, including light school work. but i have that sinking feeling like i don't have it all under control. i hope i'm not hurting my kids. 


i really need to go finish painting my kitchen and resurfacing my floor, but i just don't want to. 

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I would put off any school work till fall.  Let summer vacation be summer vacation.  Summer is my time to do projects that don't happen all year because I'm too busy being teacher.  I like just being mom during summer.  It's kind of fun.... :)



I don't do any summer school work--we do go to library throughout the summer, but that's just a family thing, not a school thing.


:grouphug:  Hope you get some rest and peace.  Plans can wait a bit. 


ETA:  Glad to hear your little one is doing so well!  :001_wub:



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Aw, hun, I still feel like a newbie and my older kids are going to be in their thirties in the blink of an eye.


It's so good to see you around the boards. I've missed you even though I do creep your blog.


Just do one thing at a time, do the best you can, and enjoy the satisfaction of each accomplishment.


Other than that bit of advice to myself as much as you, all I can do is commiserate and tell you what an awesome job I think you're doing.

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