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Spanish after Song School Spanish and The Fun Spanish?

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(cross-posted with K-8 Education board)


Hi all,


I've been researching Spanish programs for my DS8. He *loves* Spanish and I'd like to keep up his enthusiasm for it.


This past year (his first year homeschooling; he's just wrapping up 2nd grade), he tore through Song School Spanish, opting to a lesson a day because he just really liked it. I've been working through The Fun Spanish (which was recommended here on the boards somewhere...thanks to whoever recommended it!), alternating between that and watching a segment of GA PBS' Salsa. So far, he's been enjoying both programs and doing quite well with them, too.


My question is: Where do I go from here?


I was thinking about Galore Park's So You Really Want to Learn Spanish, but I read somewhere that it's written for middle school? Is that correct?


I'm also considering Espanol para Chicos y Grandes (


DS is autistic so going hard-core with grammar & lots of "conjugate this verb" lessons will probably kill his joy. (Hence my not really considering Spanish for Children...but perhaps I'm wrong?) He loved Song School Spanish because he loves music. He loves The Fun Spanish because the nonsense sentences are hilarious and he gets to draw pictures. He loves Salsa because it's puppets and who doesn't love puppets? :)


We have dabbled with Duo Lingo and he's fine with it, but I'm afraid to use it as our primary program, since it's dry compared to the songs/humor/puppets that he's been using thus far. I pull it out whenever I need a filler or want a break in our routine.


So, given this info, does anyone have input on the 2 programs I listed above ... or on any other programs out there that might appeal to young, precocious learners?


Thank you!



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