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Can't win for losing :(


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If it's not one thing, it everything


In addition to struggling severely with anxiety and depression symptoms, and being put on more meds (which makes me worry about baby) and being 30 weeks pregnant my 5yo son is sick.


REALLY sick. He threw up several times Friday night and had diarrhea yesterday. He's been so lethargic (my hubby has been changing his clothes and carrying him from room to room). He has no appetite and lots of pain.


My hubby took him to urgent care and they sent him to the ER. Im at home, under my weighted blanket, trying to stop panicking :(


We could really use prayers for me, my son and that no one else gets whatever he has. This 30 weeks hormonal, anxious, depressed mama can't take much more!

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He's still feeling quite miserable. Everyone said "once they give him fluids he will perk right up" - not the case at all.


They did let him come home but we have a follow up today and idk what they will say. It appears it's just a stomach bug bug this makes day 4 and he's so weak, in pain, won't eat etc :(


I slept better last night (thanks meds!) bit woke to panic attacks this morning...

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I'm sorry. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: Stomach bugs are the worst thing ever. I hope he feels better soon. Don't hesitate to bring him in for IV fluids if you have any concerns about dehydration. 


If it makes you feel better, you aren't alone with the anxiety/pregnancy combo. I'm just about 28 weeks pregnant, can't take my OCD meds because they're category D so I have crippling anxiety, and on top of that my cat has had diarrhea off and on for the last week. Diarrhea which she leaves piles of on the hall carpet because she's the devil and won't use her litter box when she feels sick. Diarrhea which I have to LEAVE SITTING THERE UNTIL DH GETS HOME because pregnant women and cat poop don't mix.  :ack2:  :ack2:  :ack2:  Did I mention I have currently untreated OCD? I think I'm going to have a nervous breakdown. I'm about ready to go stay in a hotel until August.


If you need someone to commiserate with who's going through a similar situation, please pm me. Having someone to bitch to who knows what you're dealing with can make it a lot easier.

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