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Can you tell me more about a notebook of mis-spelled words?

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My DD is going into 4th grade and is a pretty natural speller.  She is very visual and reads a ton, so it just translates well into spelling.  We have gone through AAS 5 and I'm over it.  My DS coming up behind her just needs more of my time, so I'm trying to find ways to move my time around.  


I keep reading about keeping a notebook of mis-spelled words and I'd like to know strategies behind this and WHEN you write those down.  This child writes ALL THE TIME.  Do I scrutinize everything or just her school writing?  Once it goes into the notebook, do I just have her practice over and over?  Play games with those words?  Make it a spelling list of sorts?  


I would also love to know if there is an independent spelling program.  Just to look into.  I've looked at Phonetic Zoo, but I don't like the price and since she isn't very auditory I don't think it would work well.  


Thanks so much!!

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I don't have much insight on this, but we do keep a spelling notebook. I use the book Uncovering the Logic English as a reference for spelling rules. Our notebook has the rules written at the top of each page, and then we write the word on the page with the rule it follows.


ETA: This is new for us, so we are still in the process of seeing how it works out.

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I would only go through school writing (and maybe only some things, such as assignments you are having her polish). Give her a separate editing time where she identifies and corrects any misspelled words, and praise her for all she can find and all she can correct. Then help with the remaining words. If there are a lot of words, put a limit on what you do (for example, maybe just identify the first 10 or 20 misspelled words that she couldn't fix on her own). Underline those words and have your student put them in a notebook. Or, you may want to go for the most common words that are misspelled (for example, if she misses a rarely used name, you may want to just show that to her, whereas misspelling a common word like "because" might be one you want in her notebook.)


If you keep a notebook of common misspelled words, have her always check her papers for those words before turning it in. When some of those words are mastered, then let those fall off the list and add some new words on. 


For her outside writing, just enjoy and encourage, praise good ideas or creativity etc... Otherwise, writing might become a drudgery (or she might not want to share it with you if she knows it will always be subject to criticism). It's okay for some writing to be "rough" and just for fun.

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Are you referring to a notebook of misspelled words in a particular program?  Or just in general?  Take note of the misspelled words you find. Put them in a notebook and save them for spelling exercises.  You don't have to go through everything she writes.  If your spelling program includes proofreading, encourage her to proofread her own work.  Spelling Workout is good on proofreading, though I understand some people don't like it.  I'm sure other programs have it too.  When proofreading, of course you will help her to spell correctly. 


Also, when she is doing dictation for writing lessons, tell her how to spell a word then.  Don't make her guess since dictation is not a spelling exercise.


If I recall, SW suggests you look at a word and trace it with your finger.  Then close your eyes and mentally picture it.  It seems to be a multi-sensory approach to help the child remember better.  Oddly enough, this is mentioned only in the beginning of the book and isn't repeated again. 

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