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Running/Walking experts....question about shoes....

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First of all, I wouldn't run barefoot. I need to support and, well, ouch. Now, that said, I read a neat article several (2?) years ago in Runner's World about a guy who runs whole marathons in his bare feet and he swears by it. He also is big on dirt / barefoot running. I have seen people running at marathons barefoot but I've never talked to any of them to find out why. Remember when aerobics videos first came out? I think Jane Fonda did her first video in bare feet. That's kind of funny to think about now. Why do you want to run without shoes?

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Could you try racing flats? I think that's what they're called. Sprinters use them and I believe they are lighter in weight and have thinner soles. I personally would not run on a treadmill without shoes because of support issues and possible injuries (plantar fasciitis, catching your toe on the treadmill, etc.).


I hope someone knowledgable about the subject will chime in. I'm curious, too. :)



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