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Would you continue spelling for this 8th grader?

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My dd has mild dyslexia and has been through all of Apples and Pears, among other things.  This year as a follow-up she used ACE Spelling, 4th grade level.  I think it really helped her.  All the writing and practice made her more aware of spellings in general, and the specific words she learned in ACE have for the most part actually transferred over to her writing.


We could continue on with ACE level 5 and then 6 (at a faster pace) for her 8th grade year, or just drop spelling assuming she's gone about as far as she can go.  At this point, she spells at about a solid 6 grade level, but with random mistakes here and there.


For 8th grade she will be doing Algebra 1, Apologia Physical Science through Apologia Academy, High School English 1 at our Co-op, and learning about horses for her elective, and possible Sign Language at our co-op.  


And, instead of ACE is there a last-year Spelling book that is perfect for the last year a student would be "doing" spelling?  (Apples Daily Drills did NOT work for us because after the first 20 pages, HALF of the exercises were word scrambles!)



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If at all possible, I'd keep working for at least another year. Junior high hormones add another layer of challenge to work around, and I think it really helps to work past that point if you can. It's harder in high school, although I worked on direct spelling instruction with my kids through 10th grade. I did feel that was very worthwhile for them, and continued to reinforce spelling strategies with them even after that point when we talked about spelling in the context of their writing. 


But, sometimes it's also a matter of weighing out pros & cons of all that you're doing and deciding what really needs to have priority. Students don't always have the opportunity to use spell-check (essay tests in college, for example), and I think anything we can do to give them that solid foundation is helpful. 

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My 12yo is a natural speller, and I am still working him through AAS level 7. I would keep at it, having a good foundation in spelling will be really beneficial and worth the effort[emoji106]



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