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X-post: need help with writing for my almost 10yo with ASD

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Would something more systematic, that breaks everything down into smaller chunks work?  I was thinking maybe IEW TWSS/SWI.  Probably Level B.



I don't know. I haven't really looked into IEW because of the DVDs and the cost (plus, I thought it was a catholic program, but Cathy Duffy says it's secular but with optional christian content?). Level B says that it's for grades 6-8, and he'd be entering 5th grade, so I'm a little confused why you'd say probably level B.

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Well, I was considering Level B since he seems bright, from your other posts, and possibly well read.  The content is what determines the level for A and B, not the lessons.  The lesson material itself is basically the same.  It is just the choices of passages to use that are a bit more advanced for B than for A.  A would probably work just fine.  I just know that some parents find that some well read 5th graders prefer the more advanced reading material of level B.


There are some theme books that have Christian content (not all) but I don't know which Christian source they are based on.  The primary system does not contain any Christian content that I have seen.  It is secular.  There is Teaching Writing Structure and Style, where the DVDs and the printed material teach you how to teach the program using your own reading/writing sources and then there is the Student Writing Intensive program, which is basically TWSS but the DVDs are to the student and it provides the writing sources for your student.  You can still use your own writing sources but it is nice to have some already on hand.  Some prefer TWSS, some prefer SWI and some buy both and use TWSS to teach themselves while letting the student still use the SWI then scaffold the lessons.  


There is a 100% money back guarantee so if you don't like it, you can return it for a full refund.

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