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Is there one resource that teaches several types of essay/research writing in a systematic sort of way?

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I vaguely remember reading about something that's recommended for this, but I'm on several high-school homeschool forums/groups, and I cannot come up with whatever it is I think I heard about. Does this sound familiar to anyone? 


If not, can anyone recommend something fairly straightforward to teach writing in this way? I have an anxious writer who has a hard time organizing her thoughts for more than a paragraph. When she does write, she writes beautifully, so she doesn't need IEW-style dress-ups or to write the same kind of sentence a million ways, etc. We just need help with the process of how to organize thoughts into various types of writing.


I just came across a review of Robin Finley's Teaching the Essay (which appears to be no longer available?), and it seems like a very systematic way to teach a literary essay format. It got me wondering about similar resources. Unfortunately, writing has always come very naturally to me, so I'm having a hard time explaining or walking DD through the process that just seems to magically occur in my own head. I feel like it should be so much easier than this, but we're struggling.



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I hear Lively Art of Writing bandied about all the time. We bought it (cheap think paperback) but haven't looked through it. I believe Write@Home's Essay Workshops are based on those - which we will be taking next year.


We're also IEW users - and Elegant Essay had all the ideas needed to help with organizing essays (Intro/Body/Conclusion - how to organize each paragraph, how to transition)

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I just asked for something similar for ds13 and someone mentioned Jensen's Format Writing. I got a used copy off Amazon. It might fit the bill.


It was Jensen's!!! Thank you! I was really starting to think I'd dreamed it. I was convinced I read about it in a specific FB group but just wasn't coming up with anything. 


Thanks for the input, everyone. I'll do some research on all the options you offered before I jump off the cliff. I do own LAoW (just picked it up at a book sale, actually), but on the first scan of it, I felt like I was getting a bit lost in the chattiness of it, and I know DD will feel that way. We really need something as direct as possible right now. I'm keeping it on the shelf just in case though. I was very excited to find a $1 copy :lol: 


And I've been considering PIYH (vs. BW Help for High School) as well, so need to do some more research there as well. 


Thanks everyone. 

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