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can I borrow some fashion saavy?

Halftime Hope

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I've looked for a pair of white jeans for years and finally found a pair I like.  Most notably, the fabric is thick so they are not see-through.  I found a pale turquoise blue pair just like the white ones.  Woo, hoo -- finally some summer pants for my office!


I'm not having any trouble finding blouses (long ones that come to the hip and cover the frontal view) to go with the white jeans, but I'm having a hard time envisioning something that will go well with the turquoise jeans.




I gravitate toward solid colors and a few small, subtle prints, but I tend to go more for interesting detail than for prints. 


I'm just stumped on what to pair with this color.  I have several beige or tan flats to wear with the jeans.


Thanks in advance!!

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For the turquoise jeans - a white blouse with black writing printed on it, but alas, I can't find anything like what I'm thinking right now. You could wear white flats or black patent leather.


Any combination of white with black print would look good and plain white will look very good, too. I'm a big fan of turquoise and white.  Since you mentioned wearing them to the office, I'm thinking you need sleeves. 


Some "classic" options: 


This one says the color is "India Ink" - you'd have to hold them next to each other to see if they coordinated: 










Some contemporary/casual options:













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