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Another tick question....


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This past weekend everyone in my family (except me) got a tick. I identified three different kinds, 2 deer ticks on my husband, dog tick on one kid, lone star ticks on three kids, one other type of tick that I'm not sure of on another kid. All of them had at least one embedded tick, I can't remember now which ticks were embedded and which were just on them. We found a total of 11!


My dad has me all worried about Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever after a former student of his contracted it recently and despite immediate treatment developed Bells Palsy. It's a rare disease and a rare complication, but it's on my mind. I'm also aware of Lyme disease and that there are other tick borne diseases.


I'm normally a wait and see person about doctor stuff, do you think they need to get in and get started on antibiotics? I really doubt my husband will go in unless he develops a rash. He thinks it is overkill on the kids as well, they have all had dog tick bites in the past and been fine.

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Yikes, just reading that gives me the creepy crawlies!


Were the deer ticks adult males? Adult male deer ticks rarely transmit anything, and even in my TBD phobic family, we don't treat those.


For the others, I'd call our LLMD who is now our family doc. I am positive she'd do 30 days doxy for DS and me, because we both have compromised immune systems and a history of TBDs. I don't know what she'd do for DD, who is healthier, but my guess is she'd do the same. She did it for DS when he was 4, before his health issues arose. Oh, and she'd called in 30 days for DH, too.


So - I don't know what you should do, and can't say for someone else. I know what I would do for my kids and family. But our family has been hit hard by TBDs and there's no such thing as overkill in my book anymore. The consequences can be too severe and I wish we'd been more proactive in the past.


It's possible I have a bit of PTSD, if you read my threads last summer. DS almost died as a result of meningitis contracted from a tick bite. That's in addition to my past with Lyme and co-infections. So, ummm, overkill it is for us!

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If you're in an area where RMSF prevalent then I'd at least call. Chances are most doctors will say take a wait-and-see approach but it won't hurt to find out. RMSF scares me. Lyme and most of the other TBDs make you sick. RMSF can make you dead.

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I posted while waiting on a call back from the doctor, she said to keep an eye on everyone but if they don't have rashes or fevers, she wasn't concerned. The deer ticks seemed to be nymphs.


We are not in an area where RMFD is prevalent, my dad lives in an different part of the country and I believe his student got it while traveling.


I have bought new bug spray and I've treated my camping clothes with permethrin spray. I also treated our tents. I haven't decided if I'll treat my kids clothes or not, I haven't seen warnings about not treating kids clothes but they are young and I hate exposing them to chemicals unnecessarily.


The ticks in our area are supposed to be especially bad this year, so far it's proving true.

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