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Should I work with curriculum I already own, or buy new?

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I own MP First Start French. I would like to use Galore Park's French. 


I am thinking, for financial reasons, I should just use the MP program and then when it is complete, figure something different out?


Also, I used Jump In for older child. He did not mesh with it. So the book is partially written in, a little less than 1/3 of the book. I am considering also trying to make use of this book and just have younger son write on his own paper. It always seems that what does not work for older child works for 2nd child. However, second child is a natural writer, going in to 8th grade, and MIGHT go to public school for 9th. Would this be a bad choice even though I already own it? I have Jensen's Format Writing too. But I am thinking format writing is not the best way to go for a natural writer.


And science..he loves watching science shows on TV, so we have all that. But I think I will finally just make use of all these RS4Kids books. Again, not my first choice, but, I own them already and was not able to sell them so I think I will just use them. They are easy to use. Public school does Earth and Space Science in 8th grade so I figure we will use the Geology, Astronomy, Chemistry, and Physics books.


For History, I am still trying to figure that one out.

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I am not familiar with any of those products, but I love MP for Latin, so I am sure I would like the french. I just wanted to say, I try really hard to use what I have. I have found it is how I use things, not necessarily having the newest curriculum that makes the difference. Most years when I have to get creative and use things I have or free or cheap items or the library for a subject, I end up really happy with what I put together on my own more than programs that I paid good money for. 

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