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Thinkwell calculus and new AP exam

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My ds used Thinkwell for AB calculus this year, but did not take the AP exam. His plan is to continue calculus next year and take the calc BC exam in May 2018. I know the calculus exams have been revised. Does anyone have a sense if the Thinkwell would prepare adequately for the new AP exam? I know there are a few new topics. DH can easily teach those to ds. I'm more concerned about overall preparedness.

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CTY still uses Thinkwell for its AP calc AB and BC classes, so I would expect that Thinkwell content will work for the new AP exam.  I have found that practicing with released practice exams is the best prep, regardless of the textbook/program used.


That's good to know. Thanks!


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The changes were not very big for AP Calc.


How can you be over-prepared?


I'm glad the changes weren't too big for AP calc. I'm not worried about my ds being over-prepared. I just want to make sure he will be adequately prepared for the AP. My older ds did AP calc BC two years ago without Thinkwell, just with my dh. However with younger ds we've found that the Thinkwell helps him keep on track.


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