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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

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Good morning, Jean! How's your MIL? 



slept in (wanted to sleep longer, though) and dh took care of himself and cats this morning

having coffee now


To Do:



make a list of all I need to do the rest of the week and plan out using dd's car when needed


bank and Walmart 

take ds to swim



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Good morning.







-pick up for cleaning people tomorrow


-school pickup

-baseball for oldest (fingers crossed he wants to drive himself - it is a long drive and a lot of traffic so he may be too nervous and I may have to go with him)

-dinner (chicken marsala for kids, whole30 marinated chicken for me)


ETA:  and there is never a dull moment.  DH has left for a business trip and the dog, who chased a squirrel this morning, hurt himself and is limping.  Cannot put his front paw down.  He does get up off the floor and gimps into the kitchen as soon as anyone opens the refrigerator so I'm guessing it can't be too bad.

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Good morning! It's a muggy morning after a night of thunderstorms. The temp is supposed to get up to 87* today, which is unusually hot for May. We were still getting frost last week, so it is quite a drastic swing in the weather.


•bills & other office work

•clean coffee maker

•vacuum and mop sunroom


•call agronomist

•declutter linen closets (they are a disaster)

•maybe give horses baths

•dinner: Thai rice bowls w/ pan fried tofu

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  • Worked and read news in wee hours.

Slept some.

Kids up & off to school.

Another session with the boss about how inadequate I am in all areas of work and life.




A little reading, exercise, cleaning.

Finish the laundry.

Kids' work in the evening.

Kids to bed.


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Good morning

- coffee- in progress

- dishes- all dirty dishes in dishwasher but not enough to run it yet

- laundry- all folded and put away

- tidy house- round 1 done

- put in answers for quizzes dh took for his CDT CE- done

- dd1 off bus- done

- help dd1 with any homework- none

- dd1 Girl Scouts- done

- grocery shopping and get a form from the CU for dh (while dd1 is at Girl Scouts)- forgot the form but got the groceries

- dinner- done

- work on dd1's Afghan (will be Christmas present, also going to make one for dd2)- finished a row

- start on getting ahead on notes for next semester (pretty sure I'm gonna be let back in and I know about what the schedule will be as far as what will be covered and when, I have some chapters started but they need to be expanded on and some I really don't have anything on except teacher provided power points. My notes are fairly detailed so I need a head start and I know that during the semester I won't have the time to make the notes that I know will help me ace the class.) - well figured out what chapters I need to do

- work- done

- baths/showers- done

- trim girls' nails and paint them- trimmed dd2's

- bedtime routine- getting them

- anything else I get done- vacuumed living room, played a game with dd2, took a nap with dd2

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Yay! It's time to tackle things again!


Dh has killed the large bug and taken care of ants in the bathroom, so I can leave those off.


For Today:

Done Wash and re-hang shower curtains

Done Misc. laundry (rugs, etc.)

Done Dust

Done Scrub all tubs

Done Sweep and dry-mop bathroom floors

Done Drink water

Done Mop/scrub bathroom floors

Done Mirrors

Done Check guest bedding

Nope Toilets

Done Sweep/mop kitchen floor

Done Drink water

Done Sweep/dry mop under living room furniture

Done Story time

Nope Order more end-of-year books


Lunch: sandwiches, fruit

Dinner: baked sloppy joes, green salad

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Good morning! I took ds2, ds3, and dmil to the airport early and I am currently waiting at Starbucks for the brake place to get back to me with an estimate. With an old car and lots of miles, you are always waiting for the terminal diagnosis! I can wait a long time here and no one needs the car until 4:45 pm. So today was the day.


To do:

Wait, read, enjoy my iced tea

Other than that, no idea


Have a great day!

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🌼 Shameless Bumping 🌼


That's better than shameless burping.


human care done

pet care done

medical care done

dinner is in the crockpot

grocery shopping x2 done

a.m. school done



MIL is still in the hospital and we can't ward off the hordes of Filipino relatives who want to visit.  Their hearts are all very loving and generous but MIL who needs to sleep and sleep and sleep will not be able to.  But they will not listen to dh or his siblings. 


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paid a bill

bought a skirt (yay!)

updated bank ledger

MBR tidying

mulched garden #1 (kids helped)

broadforked a little with DS2

weeded a small flower bed (and broke something important)

fed people and things

started dinner


DD: did a load of dishes



Did NOT do:

vacuum (DS1's day)




counter & sink wipe-down

seat work 


Also, my yard is like, 3 feet high and my mower's broken.   :lol:

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I'm beat. Made chicken casserole for dinner


If I get more energy, I'll tackle my son's dresser


Want hubby to go on a popsicle run with daughter. ....she just showered, so that's probably moot now...most likely going out with her friends

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Well, I got a few things out and lived through a conference call.


Unexpectedly needed to drop everything and drive someone to the airport in the middle of the work day.


Now I feel like I'm forgetting something I'm supposed to do ....

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Finished all the laundry and dishes.


Fixed the dishwasher.  Actually it wasn't broken; there was a short, and nobody thought to check for that until tonight.  :P


Kids did homework pretty much all evening.  After all that work, I let them watch a little TV even though it was past bedtime.  All work and no play ....


I have lots of work I could be doing, but I think I will sleep instead.  Tomorrow I should be free of conference calls and my boss is out of town, so hopefully the stress level will be low and I'll just crank out a bunch of work.

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