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The OTR Teachers Lounge 5-15-2017


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Good morning, all! Welcome to the Teachers Lounge!


I got home late last night (er, this morning) and woke up about an hour earlier than I had my alarm set for today.

But the sun was shining and nature was calling, so I just go up anyway. Later today  I may need a nap!  :svengo:


Today's theme in the Lounge is OTR: Over the Road. This is brought to you by the ridicuous amount of miles I traveled this weekend, 

especially those driven after an early wakeup and a full day's work yesterday. I think I was awake a solid 21 hours straight yesterday! Oi!

I was kind of hoping my family would have bought me chocolate for Mothers Day while I was away . .. but, alas, no. Hmmm.


What's on your schedule today? Here: taking the leftover inventory back to the boss's house later this morning, and settling accounts.

I think I might ask to just be scheduled for AZ for awhile. While I did have fun on this California trip, I'm not sure the energy expended for the less than stellar

sales was worth it.


Anything special going on this week? Here: dd has Tech Week. Yep, it's her turn. Wow, that was fast! Glad I don't have to be concerned about her schooling schedule this week. I have enough on my plate as it is! FTR, I don't schedule school for either kid during their Tech (dress rehearsal) week. It just makes life that much easier on all.


Anyone ever been an OTR driver? Here: nope and not really interested. Although, I saw several semis on the way home last night and found it comforting. For some reason, seeing all those truckers gave me peace and comfort.  :patriot:


Talk to me! :bigear:

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Just got my hair cut and color touched up.


I am meeting a friend in a few minutes for lunch, then have to stop by the pharmacy and meat market, then finally home and have an exam to grade for younfest, emails to return.


We have a 4H night sky viewing night planned for Friday evening, and a Saturday morning 4H rocket launch with up to 24 students putting up their very first rockets.


No OTR driver.


Brag - ds sang Beethoven's Choral Fantasy and the 9th Symphony Saturday night with the Flint Symphony Orchestra who really out did themselves rivaling the performance of nationally ranked symphonies despite being only middle of the pack regional. It was so amazing!


And my boy is extra handsome in a tux!

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Today: School, Ani's PT, Ani and Cameron work.


Special This Week: Ani's got a dentist appointment on Wednesday and a cardiologist appointment on Thursday.  Thursday Fritz is crossing over and getting his Arrow of Light at pack meeting.  Since they don't meet in the summer and his birthday is in July, they asked if he could try to finish Webelos and Arrow of Light requirements in 10 months.  He did it.  Of course now we're double booked for pack meeting and Who's Live Anyway (stage show of Who's Line is it Anyway).  Maybe Ani can get off work early on Thursday and fill in for us and video.  Friday Jamie and Ani are going to an Icon for Hire concert.  Busy week.  And three of us are sick.  Should make it extra interesting.


OTR Driver: No.  I hate driving.

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Good afternoon! 


Scrap, I hope your conference went well. The homeschool conference was good. I really enjoy working in IEW's booth. It's fun to talk with other homeschoolers and help them find curriculum to help teach their children easier. 


Today's schedule was school for ds, taking a deposit to the transmission guy (we are fixing it), a dental appointment, and picking up a few groceries. Tonight summer swim starts, so I'm glad ds' swim practice will be moved back to a short drive from our house. Our city only has an outdoor pool, so his swim during the school year is at a college pool 25 minutes away. The city pool is less than 10 minutes away.


This week our homeschool group has a field trip to the Aquarium in Atlanta. The yard sale, which a group of us planned to have and was rained out, is rescheduled for this week. Homeschool skating is this week, too. 


I've never been an OTR driver for a profession, but we have family in TN and OH, so we drive often. Dh had to have knee surgery before a planned trip to DC and Gettsyburg. I decided to drive and push him in a wheelchair. We drove to DC, PA, and over to OH to see his family before coming back home. It was 1900 miles round trip. I think that's the most I've ever driven in that time frame. 










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Nothing interesting on my schedule today.  It is a down-time day after an action-packed weekend. I drove 5 hours on Friday for her climbing competition.  Was up about 4:30 my time (5:30 their time) to be able to be up, packed up to check out and get breakfast before I had to get dd to the gym.  I judged for 4 hours and was pretty spent.  Just standing for 4 hours on that wobbly mat surface is exhausting.  But dd's competition went extremely well.  Despite being sick, she took 5th in one event and won the other with a personal record!  Then I had to drive 4 of those 5 hours home.  Dd took over for that last hour. 


I had a PT appointment for my shoulder and hip issues.  Yowza on those trigger points. I think I will have bruises.  But, it is improving.  I walked the dog and nearly lost an arm since I didn't see the 3 ducks hanging out in my neighbor's yard, like 3 feet from Bear.  I'm just doing a little planning for summer, helping dd figure out her school responsibilities to see about her availability for a job at the climbing gym working with the summer camp kids.  Her special recreation job fell through. 


I'm also looking for resources for Health and Consumer Ed so that I can have dd take a few tests to show that she learned the required information.  Partially to make sure that we covered everything, and partially so that we have an argument to bring to the high school to let her walk graduation next year.  She will be nearly full-time next year.  Although she will get a homeschool diploma, I want to be able to show them that she met all of their graduation requirements.  She is my most social kid and this matters to her. 


Not much special is going on this week.  I have to lead 2 Lit club meetings and attend a 4-H club meeting on Friday.  It is the last one we will be attending for the year since we will be out of town for the next 2 meetings.  Then we have fair! 


I have never been an OTR.  I would either weight 1000 lbs or have gotten in a crash.  Staying awake while driving longer distances is a challenge for me so I am constantly eating, drinking, chewing gum, etc. 


Congrats to your son, FM. 


Butter, I hope you all feel better.  Congrats to your son on Arrow of Light.


Mom3 ... you rock that driving thing.  I just get too bored and inattentive and sleepy so I really struggle beyond say 4 hours.  I've been known to do jumping jacks at rest stops. 


ETA: spelling

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