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I am interested in starting a curriculum library for our homeschool support group, and have some questions:

1. How many books is each family allowed to check out?

I am thinking each family can check out one resource per child. Maybe if they donate a desired curriculum, they get an extra checkout?

2. Do you require any records of what each family has checked out?

I was just going to have a list of what each family has, and when your return something you get to check something else out.

3. Have your run into a situation where someone keeps checking books out of your library and then reselling them?

The limits on checkouts should help, and maybe have everyone sign a paper saying that they understand they will never get to check books out again?


Mostly, could you just give me a rundown of how books are purchased, checked out, and returned with your system?


Thank you!

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We had one in our neighbourhood once upon a long time ago.


I would recommend thinking about who your target audience is (independent homeschoolers only, charter school parents can browse but not check out, etc.) first of all.


It sounds mean, but charter schools are supposed to provide funds and/or curriculum for their clients with taxpayer funds.


What happened here was that they sent their clients to our library, gutted it, and left many low-income families who would have preferred to homeschool independently with no other choice than to sign up for charters.


That said, our library was a WONDERFUL resource while it lasted. It was open once a month and staffed by volunteers from our local homeschooling support group. We checked out textbooks, like Saxon 65, for an academic year. There were big blue tubs of unit study materials that we checked out for a month. IIRC read-alouds, independent reading for the kids, and teaching materials and general homeschooling info was also a month.


IIRC, it was a paper list of what each family checked out, and when you checked something back in you could check something else out gain, i.e., if Saxon 65 wasn't a good fit, you could take it back mid-year and check out Jacobs instead if it was available.


I believe all of our books were donations and that as far as my hometown's nightmare with #3, which is why we don't have this library any more, the charter school employees were at fault rather than the parents, who were merely misinformed.


This all went down in 2003, so forewarned is forearmed! I'm glad to see you organizing something similar and best of luck to you.

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