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Accredited pre algebra program? Algebra?

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Does anyone have a recommendation for an accredited, online pre algebra program? Or even an algebra program as I look to next year? My ds is going to be attending a local private school next year, and they aren't going to give him credit for the Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 he has completed because they were homeschooled classes and not from an accredited source. As I look ahead to the possibility of my daughter doing the same in a few years, I'm thinking switching her to an accredited, online class might make the transition easier. Does anyone have a suggestion?



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Ask the school which courses they accept and go from there. A family local to us couldn't even get the accredited distance learning package from Abeka acknowledged by a school. They had to pay the school for their kid to take make-up classes in the summer, for work he'd already done.

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I would distinguish between placement and credit.  IMO the more important question is whether the private school will offer appropriate placement, i.e., will they allow the student to test out of algebra 1.  The actual high school credits aren't important.


My kids' private high school offers placement tests but no credit, even though their public charter middle school technically gives high school credit for a minimum grade of B in algebra 1 and up (and indeed, one of my eighth graders took alg 2 in the attached charter high school).

Bottom line, you need to ask the school.

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TTUISD. They're accredited, and the class load is manageable. It's $185 per semester, plus book.

TTUISD also offers credit by exam if you don't want to repeat the homeschool classes, but check with the school if they will accept it or not.

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Art of Problem Solving is approved as an a-g course in California, which means it's accredited for California state colleges and universities.  I would assume they would meet the accreditation standards for public school purposes, but it's always good to verify these things.


Our California charter school used edgenuity.  I cannot speak to the quality, but I would think they would also be accredited.

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