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Science Curriculum Dilema

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I ordered Easy Classical Earth Science because that's what ds is interested in.  I got it, I like it, it was what I was hoping for.  I also ordered an Evan-Moor Daily Science Grade 1 workbook because I have some crazy hang up about him keeping up with state standards on the subject of science.  I have no idea why only science, I've made peace with the other subjects. Also, I got it in case science wasn't getting done, it would be a back up. .  Ok for the dilemma.  I love both things I got, but I REALLY am not sure I'd do both.  Now I'm tempted it just do the EM daily science paired with some library books for 1st and save the earth science for grade 2.  This would probably be a good idea because  I have my eye on the Apologia Exploring Creation Series for 3rd and up and they don't have anything except astronomy for the earth science topics.  So I don't know.  What would you do?  I'm sure my dh will be like you spent all that and now you are changing you mind?  BUT it's all bought and we wouldn't have to buy it next year. 

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I love Evan-Moore Daily Science grade 1. I have used it for a spine for remedial adults without showing it to them.


I handcopied and sometimes traced bits and made my own copywork pages. And used library books. And just talked to the student.

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