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Good ideas for history/geography?

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I'm gonna be doing some "extra" subjects with my K grandson once or twice a week and I want to incorporate some geography now that I can carry into next year.


I also want to do some history stuff with him.


I'm already doing little science units/lapbooks with him about various subjects he's interested in.


What things would y'all recommend for history/geography at this age?

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I would just get a lot of library story books set in different times and places.  Have a map and a globe and show him where they are set.  You could do a timeline to show that things were  happening in different places at the same time - that might be too much, depending on the child.  


Just have fun with it - explore the past, explore the world.  


My kids enjoyed looking at the displays at the zoo, showing where the animals came from.  Depending on your thoughts on zoos, that could be fun.


You could also cook some simple food from a region a good story is set in.  Five in a Row might have some good ideas.  It's been a very long time since I used it though.



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Galloping the Globe?


History at that age was limited here to time before electricity, computers, etc. The way my (grand)parents lived and grew up.

The connection with real persons made the connection history is also real.

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We are just finishing in up K this year and this is all we did.


I read through The Children's Book of America by William J. Bennett.  Our library had it, so that was a plus.  That's about all we did for history, it was just right for us.  I've seen a biography series called I Am and they have like I Am Rosa Parks or I Am Abraham Lincoln.  We haven't actually read those, so I can't recommend them, but I'm interested in them.  Basically just random library books with no plan.  We learned about American holidays through library books such as Veteran's Day and President's Day.  We got a DK workbook about geography that ds adored.  It was super simple, but he did learn a lot.  Also, library books for geography as well.  I'm getting little passports kits for 1st grade, not sure if that are appropriate for K or not and once again I can't recommend them as I haven't used them yet, just an idea.  Hope that helped some. 

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Wee Folk Art is coming out with a new Cultures curriculum. It looks promising.


We did Little Passports. I found a Montessori blog that extended the country activities and added others, so we used a lot of their ideas along with library books to show folk tales and real life. We also invested in a set of Geopuzzles and made sure to play with them at least once per month.

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