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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

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  • Vacuum DE from cupboards (this has been carried over from 2 days ago :(


Back stretches


Walk dog


Some reading


12 noon appointment


Submit report


Prepare for Friday appointments


Dinner prep


More reports after last appointment


Crochet to finish blanket before June


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Good morning!  My oldest got his license yesterday but my husband is dragging his feet on buying him a car so I need to drive him from one end of the county to the other today, twice.  I have to leave the house at 2:45 and between school pickup-baseball-physical therapy we won't be home until 8:15.  Boo.



-school with youngest

-call roofing company

-exercise (60 minute cycling)


-laundry (must do)

-dry cleaner (must do)

-pick up oldest from school and take him to baseball - DH came home early and did it :001_wub:

-go straight from baseball to physical therapy and sit there for an hour

-dinner (as if)

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Yesterday, I had a migraine for most of the day.  It is so lovely to wake up and not have a headache!  Woo hoo!



Make low sodium breakfast and pack low sodium lunch for dh 


dd 15 needs to go to library as she has to play catch up on a big research paper for her co-op gov't class.


phone call at 11:30 to talk about an exciting new project I'm very nervous about!  If you pray, please pray things go well!


At some point I want to go to Mom's Organic, turn in old blue jeans (they are collecting them!) and do some shopping for tonight and tomorrow night's dinner.


Come up with dinner???


Take house guest to ESL class and watch her little one (who is really learning a lot of words!  He's 19 mos.  His newest ones:  let's go! (sounds like 'gets go!') as he runs to the door.  Once he gets outside, he points up and says sky  (sounds more like 'kye").  So adorable.


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Good morning! dd2 off to school, ds3 off to his last enrichment day. That program was a complete disappointment. He is missing the last "fun" day, because he and ds2 are going to DC with dmil next week. Ds1 took my dentist appointment, so he will be leaving soon. Dd1 is planning on spending the day with friends.


To do:

school with ds2

quilt a little

clean kitchen

weekly chores

return some emails

pay a bill or two

jen things

pizza night?

PM practices swim/swim/judo (I do not have to drive!)


Have a great day!



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  • Kids off to school bus on time, with track gear.


My sister called me and talked for well over an hour.  Boss is not pleased.  :P  Boss's reflexive reaction to seeing me do anything "personal" is to worry 10x more about my work status, and then wonder why that stresses me out.  :P


Work.  No conference calls or meetings today, yay, but lots of things to turn around.  Hoping to get on a roll, and not make any dumb mistakes.


Pursue LD testing for my kid.  I sort of started the ball rolling.  Sent an email to my kids' teacher in advance of contacting the school principal, which is a required part of the process.  I am stressing over this too.  Not sure exactly why.


Call someone about getting my other kid tested.  More stress.


A little reading, exercise, housework.


Pick kids up from track practice.




Kids' work.




Kids to bed.




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set up shade cloth over lettuce bed

replace tarp on chicken coop (partially done; smart people use zip ties.  I'm not a smart person.)


wash sheets

water plant starts

mulch garden (probably not)

clean master bathroom

oversee seat work ( :coolgleamA: )

exercise (nope, nevermind)




spread mulch around cypress trees


play Twister

play chess



wash & fold clothes 

clean their bathroom

seat work


Ok we didn't plan for them to play those games, but they did so it's to-done.   ;)

Still working on what's for dinner...

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