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Reco for Online Writing Classes with author Jennifer Trafton


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My dd14, who is an aspiring author, just finished a 6 week online class taught by Jennifer Trafton, author of The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic and the recently released Henry and the Chalk Dragon.  This was such an fantastic experience for my dd that I had to post a recommendation for anyone looking for online fiction writing for a child between 8 and 14.  The class was asynchronous, all text based, and taught over the Schoology platform. The class she took was called Stories of Magic and Wonder, and she produced a great 6+ page fantasy story complete with illustrations of her characters and a map of the fantasy world.  She enjoyed interacting with the other students as they wrote a class story and in other chat type exchanges (all without disclosure of their full names or any photos, so it would be safe for younger kids). The focus of the classes is about inspiring imagination and creativity, so there are no grades or corrections of spelling or grammar, but lots of encouragement and helpful feedback.  Apparently this was the third of a four class series, but I didn't find out about the classes until shortly before this one.   If you live in the Nashvile, TN, area these classes are also taught live.  


Here's the website & a little description from the classes page



Is there an author inside of your child waiting to be awakened?

From treasure maps to fantastical creatures, from play dough poems to larger-than-life characters, Sleeping Giant classes and workshops aim to stretch kids' imaginations and show them how fun writing can be! I teach at various locations in Nashville, Tennessee, as well as offering online classes to families near and far. 

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