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Latin for 2nd & 4th grader

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I am coming back to homeschooling after a couple years away. I have an upcoming 4th and 2nd grader (and 3 yr old). The 4th grader is very bright but has difficulty with working memory, recall (possibly dyslexia, add, aspergers....not technically dx'd).


She asked to learn Latin this year. We are primarily using Kolbe (I need handholding). They would have her do Latina Christiana in her grade but I'd probably move her down to a Prima Latina. BUT... they both seem like a lot of simple memorization which is not a strong suit of hers.


What about Song School Latin? Would their next grade level up (Latin for children I think?) be a better fit for her age? I would intend to do whichever with both girls. The 2nd grader has no learning difficulties (actually, picks up quickly and easily)


Another option?


(Due to my own medical issues I need simple for parent to use and not too time intensive)



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GSWL.  No memorization, learning via context (lots of translating sentences), just enough vocab as necessary.  It's better to do a little bit every day if remembering is a problem.  (Go slow, take notes, whatever extras might help; once in a while, try an English sentence from an earlier answer key - an easy one - to translate to Latin)

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Latin's Not So Tough. The books go very slowly and constantly spiral back to previously learned material. There are flash cards, a cd, and a workbook for each level (the cd is for 3 levels at a time). The first book is all letters and sounds, the second is vocabulary, and by the third they start putting phrases together.

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