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Reminder for Parents of Graduates

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If you're going to use a mail order diploma -- get it ordered.


I finally sat down and got DD's ordered tonight. At the end it said it could take up to THREE WEEKS. She graduates the first Saturday in June, but I nearly waited too long for standard shipping.


I think I did this with DS too. Sigh!

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Good advice! 


Unless they are suddenly swamped, www.homeschooldiploma.com has reasonably quick service.  I ordered dc's diploma on the 5th and it arrived today, the 9th.   If you decide to order from this company, be forewarned that the website may not actually accept changes you think you've made to the order.  Be sure to double check everything before submitting.  I finally had to empty my cart and start from the beginning again to get the details right when I discovered I'd made a mistake.  I'm happy with the finished product, though!

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We ordered ours from there (last week I think) and received it within a week. I imagine they'll be betting busy soon, though.


That's my concern. I'm sure that May is their busiest month.


I also forgot to do what I was supposed to do for DD's group graduation, so that's what reminded me. The coordinator emailed me Monday night that she hadn't received the deposit and DD's info for the program that were due last Friday. Anyway, that's all taken care of too.


DS has a college award event tonight and then he graduates on Saturday, so I guess I have an excuse!

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