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Shelves like Kallax/Expedit cubes that are1x2 not 2x2 for desk corners

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So I am hoping to make a four station desk similar to this lady's....


However, I like the idea of storage cubes corner posts instead of drawer units. Using the Kallax 2x2s though would make for a little larger desk than I would like. I haven't been able to find any good reviewed 1x2s though, and definitely not seeing any at IKEA. Have any of you made this desk and found good quality 1x2 shelves you like?

Or, any other feedback on this type of desk layout?

Thanks, all!

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You didn't ask about this, but I'm so thrilled with myself for stumbling upon this idea, I'll share it anyways. You should consider doing a white top and then getting a piece of glass custom cut to put on top of that. Use with dry erase makers. Boom!


We got a new white dining room table about a year and a half ago, and I decided that with the kids, it would be worth the couple hundred bucks to get a glass top to preserve the finish. Then later, I realized we could use it as a huge white board, and it's been fantastic. 

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