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Spelling Workout A with cursive?

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My son is 6.5yrs and we started using Abeka's cursive handwriting about 6months ago, he's never done print/manuscript. I'm looking to start a gentle spelling programme to accompany his phonics pathways work which he's nearly finished with.


I had a look online at spelling workout A and whilst it looks good, it looks like it has some tracing work, but since my son has never done any manuscript work, only cursive, would it still be possible to complete the spelling workout books?

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....okay, after reading some of your reviews on Spelling Workout I'm now not too sure about it!


Some background.....


Whilst my son has a fantastic aural memory and can decode very well, his reading fluency is still a little slow, so I guess he's not very visual??


'I' really like the 'idea' of something like AAS as it teaches all the phonographs and I think he'd be able to memorise them flashcard style and could probably learn the spelling rules too. But I don't love AAS cost and teacher intensiveness.


I've realised recently that my son does not like being 'taught', he likes to be told the instruction and left to complete the work (with me still by his side), that's why Spelling Workout appeals.


Another programme I considered was RLTL but all the markings just seems a bit confusing to me so if I'm not getting it, I doubt I'll be able to teach it successfully.


When I was taught spelling it would have been by memorising wordlists and I'm a great speller so is learning spelling rules and phonographs really necessary?


I'm confused and indecisive!

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Depending on the demands on your time (number of kids, ages, etc.) there's no better time than now to spend the extra time on spelling before other subjects and expectations ramp up.  On the other hand, as much as I loved the idea of AAS (and various Spalding programs) it was hard to spend that much time on spelling across a number of children.  So, I can't give you solid advice without being a hypocrite, lol.  


If you do decide to do SWO, most people skip book A.  

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I was "taught" spelling by using word lists too, and I'm a great speller. But the truth is that I'm a great speller because it came naturally. I have an excellent visual memory. I doubt those word lists did much for some of my classmates who needed more help.


I wouldn't assume that your son being a slow reader at this point means he's not very visual. He's 6.5. Time was, we didn't start teaching kids to read until later than 6.5! He might pick up speed plenty.


I also hold off on spelling until more like age 8. When I tried doing it in kindergarten there was no retention anyway, waste of time all around in our family.


All that to say... I'd skip Spelling Workout for now. But I don't think I'd worry about anything else yet either.


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