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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

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Good morning ladies!  I got nothing accomplished yesterday because we spent the day car shopping for oldest, and came back with no car.  DH is really driving me batty with the whole process.  I love him dearly but his indecisiveness and spreadsheets involving large purchases drive me to drink.



-take oldest to school, picking up fruit platter for Teacher Appreciation Week on the way (and listen to oldest moan and groan about how he has to carry it to the office)

-school with youngest

-wait for leak detector to get here

-wait for insurance adjuster to get here (He's coming tomorrow now)

-hope the drying people take these horrible fans and humidifiers out of here because the noise of their constant running since Friday morning is driving me crazy

-call extermination company because exterminator never showed up Friday when he was supposed to
-exercise (if at all possible, not sure if I can with all these service people and their 5 hour windows for showing up)

-re-read A Separate Peace (hate that book) to help oldest with his English assignments because he is bombing his tests and ruining his GPA big time

-library, who hopefully is still holding the book I was supposed to pick up by yesterday

-pick oldest up from school

-take oldest to physical therapy for his quad

-take oldest to conditioning gym

-dinner (roast beef, noodles, gravy and vegetables)

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Good morning! 


Pink, I might should ask you to forward me that spreadsheet template! We have a decision to make concerning a car. My check engine light came on last week, and the code the car is giving is a major part of the transmission. Evidently, CVT transmissions are the Bic lighter of the transmission world. You do good to get about 150K out of them, and you replace them. They are too difficult to get into to fix. 



breakfast and lunch for dh

fed cats



To Do:

more coffee


call transmission place we were referred to and see if they will take it and fully assess it

hopefully take car and leave it there to be checked out

school with ds


possibly go to mom's meeting tonight 







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Good morning!


•Have to get out the door early to get Boo to vet. Hoping and praying they are able to find and remove the pellets that are causing him pain.

•Post office

•Almost everything that was on my list yesterday, because I spent the whole day outside enjoying the gorgeous weather

•Call Farm Service agronomist for advice on weed control in new pasture

•Dinner: fettuccine alfredo

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Good morning!


Already done:  tallied up dh's sodium intake for yesterday.  Made him breakfast and packed him a lunch.


To do:

put out recycling

finish up laundry

breakfast school with kids

figure out something low sodium for dinner

get fish food (poor fish didn't eat lats night - yikes!)

Take 18 yo to last percussion lesson of the semester at 12:30

send vocabulary test to co-op.  

call Berklee to make sure 18 yo is enrolled in 5 week program.  Haven't heard back from them

call local supermarket to set up food drive in June for AHG troop

Might have to take 15 yo to friend's house to work on co-op group project

AHG meeting.

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Good morning! We have a full house now, as I had a midnight airport run to pick up dd1 last night. Ds3 and dh were up with the very noisy birds to play tennis. Not sure what the plans are at the homefront.


To do:

take dd2 to school- she is slow moving this morning (solid meet for both kids)

get ds3 up and out for his final at cc

daily chores

check bank and bills

ds3 guitar lesson

school with ds3

surely other random things

different pool schedule this week (thank goodness our two pools didn't close the same week!)

PM practice swim/swim/aikido


Have a great day!


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Good morning y'all. We are leaving for vacation Friday, so that will color every day's to-do list this week.

We are in summer mode for school right now. Just the very basics. Piano, math, writing and reading. 




return library books

haircut for Ds



yardwork (just a bit) 




Dd's AHG sash

reorganize camping gear

clean out my car

make cookies? 


dinner - grilled burgers, veggies








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Had the first recital of 3 last night.  (violin)  went great



Snuggle littles











dance-we could pick up costumes, but I think I will just have dh do it on Wed to meet the spend on his cc.

Skip gymnastics




dancing with the stars


trip planning



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I woke up super late this morning.


I'm full of aches and stiffness from redoing my flower beds yesterday. I still can't believe I did it and that for once, my idea worked. I'm so proud!



Must go to grocer



Buy spray paint to redo my wicker chairs on my porch

Hopefully find 4 more pots to match my other pots

Redo my flower boxes on porch railing


I think I'll just go to Walmart and get it all done.


Take oldest to work.

Buy summer items for community-based donations

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Happy Monday, folks!  It's a stressful day over here - what else is new!  I have at least 1, possibly 2 conference calls for which I am not prepared.  I have a bunch of reports and other things that are behind and behinder.  Physically I am not feeling great.  Aunt Flo done worn out her welcome and then some.  And I have a headache.  But I am determined to power through.  The more I get done, the better I'll feel, the more I can get done.


It's a nice sunny day, after many days of rain, so that is uplifting.  :)

  • Kids off to school bus on time, with track shoes.
  • Work.
  • A little housework, reading, exercise.
  • Kids need picked up from track at 4:45.
  • Kids' work / dinner somewhere.
  • Kids to gymnastics.  Work/walk during gymnastics.
  • More kids' work?
  • Read-aloud?
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
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One load of laundry is done, and another's in the dryer.


Some school is finished, but there's more to do. 


I forgot that ds has an ortho appointment this afternoon. There's a mom's night out at a local restaurant I might go to. I should check my calendar before I make my to do list!



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