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Alternatives to doing a Spanish 3 course?

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DSD returned to PS in January after pursuing ballet full time.  It is been quite the struggle, but she on her way!  I am so very proud of what she has learned about herself through all of this.  She is currently a junior, with all As (she worked very hard to bring those up), and is preparing to improve her SAT scores.  She is finally embracing her new identity and focusing on academics.


Because she is playing catch-up, she had no room in her schedule for Spanish 3 this year.  Her favorite colleges will want to see at least 3 years.


Her senior year schedule is packed with 3 APs and Calc.  She is required to do ps electives to graduate.  


We thought we could squeeze in a CC Spanish class in the summer, but it won't fit in her schedule.


Is there an alternative to taking a class?  Is there something that I am not considering?  SAT Subject test? From past experience, she is not sure if self-studying is best for her.







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Do these colleges want actual study of the language?  Could she do a study of Spanish-speaking cultures instead?  (I have no idea if that would work.  I'm just throwing ideas into the arena.)

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So, is she unable to fit Spanish 3 into her public school schedule or is she so busy she just doesn't have time for one more thing?  I'm not sure which you mean, but if it is just that she can't fit it into the ps schedule, I know ps students sometimes get permission to take classes online outside of school.  One of the students in my dd's Spanish 3 class last year was a ps student and was getting credit for the class.  That was with Ray Leven.  He also does tutoring.  I think Swimmermom had her ds do a level of Spanish with him over the summer one-on-one.    

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Oh, I like the idea of a tutor over the summer.


She can't fit any into her ps schedule.  She is allowed to take an outside class that will be a pass/fail on her transcript, but the cc course at her evel starts at the end of May, when she still has ps and SAT studying to do.


I'll reach out to Swimmermom.  Thanks for letting me know.

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