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S/o ticks and humans


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The dogs and tick thread mentioned a vaccine against Lyme for dogs, does something like that exist for humans?


Also, how do you repel ticks? We had a very mild winter and it's supposed to be a bad season for ticks around us this year. In the past two weeks I have found 6 ticks on my kids, thankfully only one had embedded. We hadn't even been hiking when they got those.


I do have repellent that I use when we will be in tall grass or hiking, but what about a regular day? I've read about permethrin spray for clothes and tents and we will probably try that when we go camping. Are there other products I should be aware of?

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I use the clothes spray now, and 100% deet. I have a son who's had 2 confirmed-lyme tick bites. Now I live in tick Central and I'm not fracking around.


ETA the most important thing is always going to be daily checks.

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