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AP English Lang & Comp: Blue Tent vs PA Homeschoolers

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Hi all,

I'm debating between Blue Tent online (Brigid Thompson)  and PA Homeschoolers (Maya Inspektor)  for my son's  AP Eng Lang & Comp class.


Anyone care to share their good/bad experience with either of these? 




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It helps to have the February homeschooling blues which lead to pre-planning for the following year during that month & being ready to sign up for everything by the time they open in March or early April. :lol:  Some really popular classes with limited enrollment like Maya's class and Blue Tent's offerings, fill up and close quickly.



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Not sure if you just want secular options, but we will be using HSLDA Online Academy for AP Lg. & Comp. next year.  We've already used them for English 2 and AP World History this past year and will be continuing with them for three online courses starting this fall.  


If anyone wants more info, go to their website and/or p'm me if any questions or if anyone would like a special code for $30 off as a newbie signing up. 





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