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Need a neutral opinion (or at least a third opinion)


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Can you not reach DH at all? If he wanted it, I would be inclined to defer (since you seem to have at least some bit of willingness to consider it) If he objects, I would tell MIL that you don't think it's a good idea while DH is out of town. When he gets back, he can break it to her.

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Honestly, when I think of RVs, I think of overcrowding, pooh stench, water leaks, and possibly mold. I think I'd want him sleeping in a house with central AC for comforts sake, but that is me.

I take it you haven't been in an RV lately? Mine, which is about eight years old and bought used, is nicer than my house. We generally live in it during the summer. My kids adore it.

There's no stench or overcrowding, even on the rainy days.

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Didn't read the thread, just going by OP...


I'll give you my opinion from two standpoints - kid and adult


When I was a kid, we lived with my grandma, my dad's mom.  My mom and my grandmother had two completely different ideas about food and sleep.  So, when my parents went out, my grandmother would let me stay out late and read as long as I wanted.  She also always had chocolate candy for me, while my mom was very much against me having chocolate as a kid.  Now, 4 decades later, I can assure you that those two things did not create ANY  problems in my future adult life or even during my childhood (looking back).  I had no food issues or allergies, though, it would have been different if I did.


Now, as an adult, I HATE how my IL's have treated the issue of junk food and electronics with my kids.  My MIL gave my then barely 2 yr old chocolate candy and when I asked her not to, she flat out told me that as a grandmother, she can do that kind of stuff and it's her right.


Yes, there were MANY fights between my husband and I and I also had a lot of negative feelings towards my IL's, for this and many other reasons.  But I try super hard to use "10 yr rule"- will this still matter to me in 10 yrs?  Will this candy, this extra TV time, this  whatever matter in 10 yrs. 


I would love to say that I am all serene and zen and can handle it....but I haven't mastered that skill.  I try ignore it and hope and pray for the best.  Yes, I pray  A LOT!!


So, on one hand, I don't think it's that big of a deal, but I still resent the hell out of my IL's for so blatantly ignoring my wishes.

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