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thoughts on singapore math live?

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I'm Brenda Barnett, founder of Singapore Math ® Live. I was forwarded a link to this thread because I can answer this question for you. :)



The textbooks are not currently listed as suggested because they are not directly used in my program at this time. The next thing I will tackle, since I have now finished the parent support for all 6 levels of Primary Math, is to create a set of student recordings. These will be based on the textbook and will be an option for students to view before they attempt a workbook exercise. Of course, a parent may choose to be the primary instructor, but if a little instruction from me would be helpful it will be an option.


Once I am utilizing the textbooks, they will be listed in the curriculum list. However, I do think that my support will replace the Home Instructors Guide.


Hope that helps! Feel free to look at my website for more info, including my contact info.

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Hi Brenda~!  


Thank you so much for answering my question:)  I really like your videos and I think it may be the answer to what I was fearing with SM.  We are starting at grade 1.  So I will watch the video once a week prior to our week, and then use your syllabus for the week... correct?  And at some point you will incorporate the TB but for now you are not?  It helps to understand this bit of info :)  I am SO GLAD that maybe I will not need the HIG... however, I know the HIG covers games, etc to play... I have watched a few of the sample videos you have out but did not see any games you suggested, although maybe I missed this.  Do you usually cover that or suggest games?  The videos basically cover what is in the HIG for the week?  


Again, thank you for this service.  I think it will be beneficial for so many!  SM made so many conceptual leaps that I gave it up when I used it for my son.  I do love the program though.  So I hope that with your help, I can be more successful this go 'round with my daughter.  

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