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Algebra I with lots of review (and 7th grade math)

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I am looking to see what the board recommends for Algebra I for my dd that struggles with math.  She does well with constant review, like in Saxon and CLE.  She is currently finishing up Saxon 8/7 after having done MM7A.  I have Foersters but it doesn't seem to have the daily review that she may need.  It looks like a new lesson, then practice problems for that particular lesson.  Any suggestions?  Obviously Saxon Algebra, but I was wondering what else there would be?


Also, since I am asking, my ds will be going into 7th grade.  He is currently doing CLE 6.  I don't really want to do CLE 7 because I want him ready for Algebra in 8th grade.  He does well with the constant review, too.  I have Saxon 8/7 but I think that copying down each problem (when he is used to workbook form) may be a bit of a challenge.  Any suggestions for him?



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You could use CLE Algebra I regardless of whether you did CLE for pre-algebra I assume. 


I don't know how to get the spiral for pre-algebra outside of CLE or Saxon. Can you accelerate/combine CLE 7/8 to get it done by 8th grade? Do you do math in the summer?


Oh, I googled. It looks like Horizons might be a spiral pre-algebra. No experience with that--but maybe this would help? http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/421570-my-humble-review-of-horizons-prealgebra/





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If he can handle a faster pace do CLE 700/800 in one year. Gives lots of review in a system he is already familiar and apparently functioning well in. If you don't take much time off between levels you can skip 701 and 801. (And for a child that needs lots of review only taking a couple of weeks off between levels may work better anyway).


Then do new material from two lessons but review material from the second lesson (or select review from each). Example of day 1: new material from Lesson 1 and lesson two done on dry erase board together (use TM for extra problems) then have him do the rest of the new problems. Confirm understanding. He does the review problems from lesson 2 only. Next day cover lesson 3 & 4. Next day 6 & 7 then Thursday cover 8 & 9.


Skip quizzes and lesson 17 in each light unit.


700/800 could be completed in a school year and he could do Algebra 1 as an 8th grader.

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