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AP World History online class recommendations

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I'm looking for a recommendation for an AP World History online class.   I'm aware of PA Homeschoolers and The Potter's School, but the only reviews I've seen here (from an old thread with reviews of PA Homeschoolers classes) didn't give the PAH APWH class very good reviews.   This would be for my rising 10th grader, who is a strong writer and very interested in history, so I'm pretty sure he can handle the workload.   At this point, I don't think I'm interested in creating my own course and submitting it to the college board for approval - I'm more interested in an outsourced course with an outside teacher.



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NO NO NO for PAH with G.S. (only teacher). 


Have you considered Human Geography with PAH? I have signed my rising 9th grader up for it and am *very* excited about the teacher and materials. It'll be relatively light for an AP, but certainly a solid history/social studies course and covers a lot of very interesting ground. The teacher sounds really awesome and has been super sweet in pre-class correspondence. Reviews look good. I hadn't considered the course previously, as "geography" just wasn't on my radar, but it looks pretty awesome. (I really wanted to outsource history this year, as I've got my plate full enough with English and Biology this year . . . and did NOT want the World History at PAH due to prior experience . . . but wasn't ready for my 9th grader to take on Euro or APUSH, so I broadened my thinking, and now I'm really excited that I looked at something new.) 

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Thank you all!   It sounds like APWH might not be the best idea.   Yes, APHUG is an option for next year, but we'd probably take it through FLVS, which doesn't offer APWH.   I'll have to let DS look at the course options and decide what he wants to do.


I think he'd love APUSH, but I was thinking that would be best for 11th grade.    Thanks for the recommendation.

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