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I was looking someone up and came across her voting record.  I had no idea you could look a person up and find out what party they are affiliated with.


So I looked up my name.  Yup, it says my age.....ugh.....and my party affiliation.  And then it says "3 court documents."


You have to pay to find out what they are, but I am trying to figure out.


One is probably speeding

One is driving with an expired tag


I can't figure out the other one.  In fact, the expired tag should be my husband.


Would my adoption court records be public?  We had to go to court to finalize the adoption.


Now I am wondering what I did!  :crying:

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It was probably the adoption. But really, it could be anything you might have had any court papers for. Debt collection, probate a will, one of those giant class action suits where you fill out a form and end up with a $5 credit on your cable bill, lol.


Huh.  I had no idea.  I have a few of those giant class action things.  

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I have over ten "court documents."


One was a speeding ticket that they dropped to defective equipment.


One is being named as a beneficiary in my mom's estate with multiple court notices to me over the last five years (it still hasn't settled).


One is being named executor of another relative's estate and lots and lots of court documents in two counties.


When you apply for a job, they may research you and then ask about it.  So IMHO it's just part of life.

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I just looked myself up and one site said I had finished graduate school. Everything else was right, but I wish I had known I had gotten my Master's; I've told everyone I'm a grad-school dropout for years! 😂


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