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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Work Appointments


Doing laundry for weekend trip


Ordering flea stuff for dog




Get a little something for relatives we will be visiting


Pack clothes & everything else we need


Battle ants in the kitchen


Don't know what's for dinner


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Good morning!


The fundraising event last night was amazing. The testimonies of the residents and graduates were so touching. The women had been abused, in prostitution, on drugs, etc., but God is restoring each one. 



breakfast and lunch for dh

fed cats



To Do:

more coffee

breakfast & lunch

school with ds


review some analytic geometry to try and help a friend's son at church tonight

pay bills

dinner at church

spend 2 hours wrangling kids in Awana for a special night of marshmallow pvc pipe gun war





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Good morning!


I had to call the vet at 9 last night because our poor dog was having a flareup of pain in the leg that is full of bullet shrapnel. We bumped up his pain meds and he got a good night's sleep and is doing okay this morning, although a bit loopy. I'm hoping that if we keep him stoned on pain meds and off the foot as much as possible for a few days, the flareup will subside.


Also, my cat is freaking me out because all morning he has been staring at the ceiling like he is watching something, but there is nothing there. I'm really hoping he is just being a little weirdo and that he doesn't hear mice in there.  :glare:  


•get horse chores done early before thunderstorms roll in

•mammogram appt.


•clean house

•finish up office stuff for April



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Good morning! We woke up to a slight dusting of snow and then dh and ds3 headed off to see if the courts were dry. I also found evidence of mice under the cabinet...hadn't seen that in months. So a few new things to do today.


To do:

get kids up and out

work with ds3

work with ds2 when he gets home

daily chores

clean under cabinet and check all others in kitchen

check bills

jen things if time

PM practice swim/swim/aikido

ds2 to lab (cancelled last night for clouds)


Have a great day!


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Good morning!


Wednesday is out out-and-around day.


Our schedule is this:

School ✅

Errands ✅

More school

Piano lessons

More errands



Things I need to do/squeeze in around the edges:

Easter decs to the attic

Camping prep

Tidy my stuff


Meal planning ✅

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Selkie, could there be birds on the roof? We get crows on ours looking for bugs. Though they don't stay for hours, so maybe not.



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No, our house is two stories and it was a first floor ceiling. The kids are jokingly speculating that maybe he saw a ghost, which might be preferable to mice in my opinion.  :laugh: He's fast asleep now and our other cats haven't even glanced at the ceiling, so hopefully it was nothing!

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Crazy day today!

  • Got up early to send off some work.
  • Kids off to school bus.
  • Cleaned out critter cage.
  • Took out garbage.
  • Had to move cars so neighbor can use our driveway to remove his fallen trees.
  • Got ready and got to work to meet auditor.
  • Audit and whatever else I could get done (not much, mostly jumping frantically from one thing to another).
  • Got "geared up" for a conference call and then it didn't happen because their phones were on the blink.
  • Back home to let my kids in the house and theoretically get some more work done.
  • But ... I'm fried!
  • Kids' work.
  • Kid to gymnastics.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
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