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s/o cloth pads thread---where do you buy yours?


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So if you love/like cloth pads, where do you buy yours?


Or if you make your own, details. :)


I bought some a million years ago pre-Etsy from some place recommended to me on the Mothering.com boards.  I can't even tell you where.  I'd like to get some for DD.

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MamaBearBabyWear on Etsy.  I like the tri-fold design. And since you don't pick the fabrics (she just ships an assortment) they were cheaper than a lot of others. 


Yes! I tried lots of different brands and these were by far my favorite--the most comfortable, the most functional, the least apt to stain, the most likely to stay put, and the best value. I really like the flannel tri-folds. Highly recommended. 


You can specify what types of colors and patterns you do and don't like and she will try to accommodate that. I've been happy with the assortments I've received.


I believe the seller is also a homeschool mom.  :)

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