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1 hour ago, Lady Florida. said:

I went with some girl friends to see Book Club last week and laughed all through the movie (along with everyone else in the theater). There were only two men there and we joked that they were probably dragged along. I loved that the four leads were all women over fifty. Older men in Hollywood become the elder statesmen of the acting profession. Women OTOH, see roles for them dry up or they only get offered supporting roles. 


I saw it last week and thought it was fantastic!   I laughed harder than I have in a long time.  There were only 2 men there when I saw it too.  I love the main four actresses and have for a long time, all of their performances in Bookclub were outstanding. 

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We just got back from Solo. We all thought it was excellent. It was so, so much better than the last few. The showing of Solo we went to was packed but the movie theater overall was pretty empty. 

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2 hours ago, Lady Marmalade said:

There's an entire legion of Star Wars fans who have decided they dislike the direction Disney has headed and so have decided to... Not be fans, I guess? I don't get it, but there's a big push to boycott, which is silly imho.   Their loss, because it IS a fun movie.

I think it also doesn't help that in the last several weeks Infinity War and Deadpool 2 have both come out, combined with the holiday weekend... I just think the timing was a poor move on Disney's part. Hopefully it will pick up traction as we head into summer and people start increasing their movie viewing.  


I wouldn't say that Star Wars has been such a success because it's fun, but because people also felt it spoke to them in some way.  A lot of people feel they've moved from a series with a real arc, meant to tell a story with a point, to a franchise written by committee with fan-service in mind - to produce whatever will please their focus groups.  And that Disney will continue to do this until they have wrung every last dollar out of the idea.  They they feel they are being cynically exploited for their love of the story. 

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