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Any advice or tips for purchasing a couple of AP Physics C Exam Review books?  When did the exam last change?  The Barron's book on Amazon was from Feb 1, 2016, so I was wondering if that was still relevant.


DS is not sure if he feels prepared for the E&M portion, but feels much better about the Mechanics exam.  Is anyone else taking both?  Just one or the other?  Would love to hear the Hive's thoughts!


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For AP Physics C, this was what I found so a 2016 edition for test prep should be up to date already.

"Familiarize yourself with the multiple-choice scoring change that was implemented in May 2011." http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/apc/public/courses/teachers_corner/2264.html



For test prep, look at snowbeltmom's post http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/629912-ap-physics-at-pah/?p=7316801

This thread is full of useful information from Kathy in Richmond on the subject and the exams http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/97907-ap-physics-c/


For keeping track of when AP exams are launch and revised https://advancesinap.collegeboard.org/overview

"Subject Launches by Year



AP French Language and Culture

AP German Language and Culture

AP World History (course revisions only)



AP Biology

AP Latin

AP Spanish Literature and Culture



AP Chemistry

AP Spanish Language and Culture



AP Physics 1

AP Physics 2

AP Seminar

AP U.S. History



AP Art History

AP European History

AP Research



AP Calculus AB (course and exam updates)

AP Calculus BC (course and exam updates)

AP Computer Science Principles

AP World History (course and exam revisions)



AP U.S. Government and Politics"


Obviously my kids have not BTDT for the AP exams even though I have a physics loving kid :). If your son is taking the SAT physics test after his AP Physics C exams, we are liking this thin collegeboard test prep book for checking for knowledge gaps and quick revision. https://www.amazon.com/Official-Subject-Physics-Study-College/dp/1457309211

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