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independence and accountability

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I'm realizing that my 6th grader has a lot of independence that he uses quite well - when it is a subject he likes. He works very diligently, but he has a hard time with long term projects (as in multi-day projects) or with following up if there is something he needs outside of the "school box." 


This is in the context of a 5-child family and a 3-story house (he's often out of my sight). 


I'm thinking of a daily afternoon meeting where we go over all his work together. 





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My oldest isn't quite there, but what about:


When assigning a multi-day project, have his first piece of independent work be drawing up a schedule from that day until due date of how he wants to break down the work.  Then you can initial it or something to show you're ok with that schedule.  Then at your afternoon meeting, you can see if he's up to date on schedule, running ahead, or running behind, and that way gradually coach him into breaking the work down into daily-sized chunks.  

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