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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning ladies!  I have a big day planned - Whole30 batch cooking and tons of laundry.   Fun times in the Pink and Green household.  I had planned to get up and at 'em by 7 when Publix opened, but here it is 8:40 am and I'm on the couch. 



-take some meat out to start defrosting

-go to Publix for groceries for cooking marathon

-come home and unload groceries

-go to Whole Foods for 3 things I can't get at Publix, probably spend one hour and $100 in the process, LOL

-start cooking

-probably have to run out again for things forgotten in the first two shopping trips


-clean up kitchen

-plan lessons for the week

-make sure oldest has done his homework and review upcoming school schedule with him

-package up returns to Stitch Fix and get those ready for the mail tomorrow


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*working at the gun show

*settling accounts afterwards

*collapsing at home on my daughter's bed for an hour (hers is perfect for a sore body) turned out I borrowed my son's bed instead - his is truly the most comfortable in the house!

*sleeping Not as long as I would have liked but nature called around 7am.  :p

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Morning everyone! We spent yesterday at the Midwest Horse Fair, a huge horse expo in Madison, WI. Had a great time, despite the massive hordes of people (crowds aren't my thing) and really enjoyed walking through the barns and looking at all the beautiful horses and unusual breeds.


•catch up on laundry

•ride horses

•take apart horses' automatic waterer and scrub it

•clean bedroom


•dinner: butternut ravioli stew

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Good morning


My entire upstairs is clean except for daughter's room. This is a record since I cleaned it All yesterday.


Vacuum downstairs

Clean kitchen

Hopefully make yesterday's dinner today

Attempt to weed and dig in my yard today


Also, it's Cold today!! Woohoo!!

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Clean dishes soaking in sink from lasagna prep for tonight's dinner

Pay bills online

Help dd with math

Put dry clothes away and washed clothes to dry

Lunch with dd and dh

Take dd out with friends

Fit in older dd online chat somewhere when she gets up and messages me

Free to go for a walk and read!

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I'm skipping church because I don't want to have to explain my new "Bride of Frankenstein" look to everyone.  Also we have to go 2x next weekend and do 2 extra church activities, so that is enough.  :P


I have work.


My kids have to finish some homework, music practice, and math practice.


I have to do the laundry and clean up the plumbing mess - didn't get to it yesterday.

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I finally shared my scout photos with the person who is doing the video for crossover.  It is pretty late, since the crossover is this Thursday.  I wish I wasn't so bad at time management.  :/  Now I have to remember to attach my kids' scout badges early this week, especially since they are supposed to help with the flag ceremony.


My kids did their homework and math practice.  Nobody is thrilled that school is starting up again tomorrow.  It's a tough time of year for that.  :)


I got rid of the nasty mess in the basement.  The upstairs bathroom can wait (it's not *my* bathroom so I don't care).  Now on to the laundry.

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The kids did their music practice finally.  It sounds pretty good - they have a few more weeks before the concert, I think, so hopefully it all comes together.


I got caught up on school forms / bills and did some cleaning in my room.  For probably the first time in my life, my room was the messiest in the house this past week.  :P  I needed to fix that.  :)


I also had to clean up a spilled glass of mango juice from the back of the fridge (after it was stuck on).  Fun times!


Forced myself to eat stuff I don't like, just to clear some space in the fridge.  Took out a lot of garbage.


Last load of laundry is in the dryer.


Unfortunately, I did not make the progress I should have made on my "work" work.  I'm supposed to write some parts of an application.  Essays about the greatness of people I don't know.  I enjoy writing, but there's something stressful about having to write about people, for those same people.  You can't exactly bullshit your way through that.  :P

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