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newborn sniffles that seem like congestion?


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Our fourth baby is 17 days old. She sounds more sniffly/snotty/congested than she did before. There isn't anything coming out of her nose - it sounds like it's in her sinuses. Her breathing seems fine. We have a bulb syringe, but there isn't anything to remove.


What worries me is that our 3 year old developed a cold this past week; he still has a runny nose.


Would you call a nurse advice line and/or take her in?


She is eating, has been awake and alert at her regular times, seems a bit more fussy when I try to put her down. When she breast feeds, I don't hear as much "congestion", and it isn't constant - when she is upright, she doesn't have many snorting sounds. When she is laying, I hear the snotty/sniffles/congestion but still not constant.

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We had that and it wasn't congestion so much as noisy breathing (which saline drops into the nose helped immensely) and then reflux, when it sounded snarflely.

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