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Anne in CA

Prayer request for MIL

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I am worried for my MIL, who has been so loving to me for 26 (how can that be?!) years. Her dh, my husband's step father, is in the hospital and this is the worst week for it to happen from DH's POV. I love dh, but he is process driven and all his  thought process lately  to getting our business 100% by fishing season, which opens next week. He has made an exception for my novel, but it's been crazy. We need every single customer, yes, but now FIL is very, very sick, in the hospital, and I feel AWFUL for not being there for MIL and him. We have had several things go wrong this last week which I can't post for various reasons, but they are all real and I am in need of prayer. I told dh that he should go to his mom NO MATTER WHAT, but he is not able to communicate right now. I get it, I really do. But, could you pray for us??? I need it, dh needs it and dd doesn't know she needs it, but she does. She is about to have two MIA parents soon and she thinks she is grown up, but she is not.

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That sounds really hard. I will pray for you and your family and I hope you are able to feel some peace and comfort. I'm sorry about poor health of your loved one. I know it is troubling enough without other added difficulties. 


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