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So far we have used: Kolbe, Veritas Scholars Academy, The Potters School (briefly), and Homeschool Connections.


Next year I will use: Lukeion Project, IEW writing and possibly something else (could be Bridgeway like poster above)


Now, what do I know about? Umm, probably about over fifty different vendors, LOL!

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Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community is now open for registrations. More details at http://rfolc.com/

The English language arts courses are for children ages 5 to 18; Spanish starts for children at age 7; other courses are for children ages 10 and up. Africa and the Slave Trade is a high school-level course for children ages 14 and up. We are sure that you will find a course that will supplement your homeschooling, challenge a gifted child who needs extra stimulation, or help a twice-exceptional student who needs one-to-one assistance and encouragement

  • Language arts courses taught by Michael Clay Thompson
  • Philosophy for Kids: Justice, Faith, and Free Will by Sharon Kaye
  • A Fairly Creative Writing Class by Aubrey Lively
  • An Introduction to Minerals and Rocks by Philip LaPorta
  • Lithics for the Budding Archaeologist by Scott Minchak
  • Conversational Spanish with Myriam Borges Thompson
  • African Slavery and the Atlantic Slave Trade by Richard Hull
  • Myths of the Constellations by Margaret Brewer-LaPorta
  • Sign Language by Barbara Champion Althoff

Special prices on books used in our courses
For a limited time we are offering special pricing for books used in our courses.

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