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Ideas for 1/2 credit science

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Like the previous suggestions of Earth Science, Geology, or Meteorology. :)


Other ideas:

0.5 credit of Advanced science in Physics or Chemistry


0.5 credit of Robotics or Intro to Engineering -- technically not considered a science, but if you only need 3 Science credits to meet requirements, and you have 3.5 credits, then you can fudge on that last 0.5 credit


If the Astronomy was only 0.5 credit, you could do a second semester of that, focusing on different topics.



Physical Science topics, but that would be extremely hard to do at the high school level:

- Molecular or Nuclear Physics

- Thermodynamics

- Geophysics

- Hydrology

- Oceanography (mapping/features/dynamics of the ocean landscape)

- Volcanology


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