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would a dyslexia screening be worthwhile

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I'm debating about pushing for a dyslexia screening for my 6 YO. He seems to have some glitches that his older siblings don't (needed LiPS, seems to have some problems with auditory memory like forgetting what the word was by the time he gets to the 3rd sound when spelling words in Barton). I suspect he will have trouble keeping track of all the sounds when we hit longer words in Barton. Is a screening that includes the CTOPP likely to give me some useful information to help him? A neuropsych evaluation is not an option and he has no signs of ADHD or other auditory issues (he remember instructions far better than my 2 ADHD kids, good comprehension etc).

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I think the CTOPP is helpful, because it identifies if there is a phonological problem. My kids have had that test, but I myself did not try to use the data to do remediation (we hired a tutor), so I don't know if it give that kind of help. It sounds like there could be working memory issues, as well, if you have someone who could run testing for that.


Knowing that DD has been really helpful for us as we have figured out her educational path, but some people don't feel the need to get evaluations and instead just address the symptoms they see.


So I think the CTOPP should indicate if there is dyslexia, but I don't know if it will actually help form a remediation plan. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will be able to chime in.

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