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Has anyone used Corrective Reading?

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I am wondering if anyone can tell me about Corrective Reading?


Here is what I know -- I have heard really good things about this program for autism for reading comprehension.  But I have only heard that very vaguely!


My son will be in the recommended age range (3rd grade and up) next year and I am wondering if it might be appropriate for him now. 

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Well, my son has used Reading Mastery so I know a bit about it! It includes some comprehension and it was good for my son (very basic).


The presentation books for it are $$$ but we (my son did it with a tutor) had access to the presentation books through school... but we have moved now.


I got some of the materials from Amazon for decent prices. For whatever reason it is an older edition that was used, so I got that edition.


Edit: I mean I know how the comprehension questions are in the RM materials I have seen. They are from the same company.

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I am looking at Critical Thinking Company now..... Language for Thinking looks much more expensive than Corrective Reading. And I do think my son is already covering about half the material from Language for Thinking in other ways.

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I am looking at the Kindergarten level for my 2nd grader. I was asking him last night about same and different and he was having a hard time. Then some things he would be able to do easily. So I think it would be a good mix for him. But I am not sure!


Right now I am doing AAR Level 1 and Reflex Math, and I would possibly like to get back to Saxon math.


We have moved recently and I am still figuring out what to supplement at home.... and then I am also looking for summer.


I would love to hear what you pick and how it goes!

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He has done a lot of "feature, function, and class." But he has done a lot where he has a picture to look at.


I think I need to go back to doing it with a picture, and then ask the same question with no picture.


I was looking at Building Thinking Skills, but I need to look more.


But thinking about it -- I think he can do more with pictures and then I need to make sure to go to where he is thinking of things and comparing them without a picture to look at.


On Saxon -- his teacher had end-of-year tests and end-of-semester tests.


He passed the end-of-Kindergarten test well, but got a 50 or 60% on the middle-of-1st grade



So she suggested to start at the beginning of the 1st grade book.


But now I have moved and am still figuring things out with the new school, and figuring out what I will supplement and what my priorities are.


He does very well with Reflex Math, so I am satisfied with him doing that for now -- but depending on what I find out about his school math, I will see what I think.


I know Saxon works for him, though. It is a consistent format from day to day, and it has built-in review.


He was forgetting things before, so he needs either review or something with built-in review.

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