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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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all the usual stuff plus:


grocery shopping

laundry - which is a usual stuff but hasn't gotten done in the last two days so I'm going to mention it specially

keep working on getting caught up in grading - focusing on biology which I hate to grade because I don't have an answer guide and so I have to actually do my homework in order to grade the homework.

call allergy clinic

library for book for ds

I'm pretty sure there was something else that ds asked me to do but I was doing something else when he told me and now that I can write it down, I can't remember what it was. 

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  • Academic reading
  • Finishing up some papers
  • Write out grocery list & email to dh  :)
  • Prep something resembling dinner
  • Get some exercise by walking the dog
  • Pack snacks for afternoon
  • 2 appointments spread out over the afternoon with commuting
  • Writing reports
  • Relax and drink tea


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I actually feel better this morning!  Alleluia!  I felt like death warmed over for a couple of days there.


But it seems our cat had a stroke.  She can't move very well.  My dh decided to give her one more day and if there is no improvement we'd euthanize her.  So today is the day we decide.  Everyone was so gloomy yesterday.  My 18 yo on spectrum son started regressing. . . . he is having anxiety attacks over learning to drive.  We were so hopeful this time he could do it, but I don't think so.



Get 18 yo to driving lesson by 10

Get 15 yo to math tutor (remember to pay math tutor!)

Get them home again


take 15 yo to voice (remember to pay voice teacher!)

If I have the energy, I need to get some wide mouth bell jars and start freezing fresh spinach (plastic free!).

Figure out something for dinner.

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Good morning! 


(((Faithr))) So sorry about your cat. I hope she pulls through.


•office work (bills, paperwork, cry over skimpy bank balance after paying whopping tax bill  <_< )

•housework (clean bathrooms, vacuum and mop mudroom)

•make menu plan


•ds golf lesson


•dinner: quesadillas



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Good morning! dh had to go out of town for work, so all driving is on me. He took a car to the airport, so at least I don't have to pick him up Friday.


To do:

get kids up and off/or working 

take ds1 to dr

get gas/stuff for dinner

bank/bills/ blood from stone


edit ds2's paper

PM practice swim/swim/aikido

other stuff I have forgotten


Have a great day!

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Good morning

- coffee

- clean up some- well I loaded and started the dishwasher

- pack up school stuff and stuff for dd2- my stuff packed and I'm in my clinical/lab scrubs.. waiting for dd2 to finish her yogurt- done

- take dd2 to sitters- done

- OB labor sim- done

- get dd1 from home (so dh can back to work If I need him to come home to get dd1 off the bus)- done

- pick dd2 up from sitters- done

- change clothes- done

- study for tomorrow's OB exam- ugh

- dd1's science fair- done

- go to Chinese buffet for my b-day dinner and because it would be too late to make something at home- done

- bed!!!!!

- anything else I get done- not a darn thing... I have a migraine and feel like crap (monthly thing)

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  • A little laundry.


A little cleaning.


Garbage out.


Chat with house guest.


Coffee up since I'm not allowed to drink any more until evening.  (Now they tell me I wasn't supposed to drink any since 2pm yesterday, but they are letting it slide ....)


Eat breakfast since I'm not allowed to eat for 4 hours before my "stress test."




Cardiac stress test.


More work.


Kid to gymnastics.


More work.


Kids to bed.


More work.


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Faith, I'm sorry about your cat.


I said this on another thread but my Aspie spent months just in the parking lot. We've taken a slow two years learning to drive but now he's a very good driver.



Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

The cat got sicker in the night and still can't walk, so we are going in in about a half hour to say goodbye.


The crazy thing about my 18 yo is that he went to his lesson and the driving instructor said at the end, he's ready to take the test!  What he wants us to do is have 18 yo take an hour long lesson with him and then right afterwards go over to the DMV and have him take the test.  He says that ds is very nervous when starting to drive but after about 1/2 hour he begins to loosen up and then he drives just fine.  Thank God for understanding, experienced homeschooling fathers who happened to have started a driving school in their retirement!  That what this driving teacher is, so he is completely understanding about teaching ds to drive.


We just want ds to be able to drive to the community college and back by himself.  We think it will make him feel much more independent and give him a boost of confidence.  

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I passed my stress test.  I went almost 10 minutes (4 levels).  They tell me that's pretty good.  I think I could have gone longer, but they stopped it.  They see no problems with the ticker.  But they did say that it was good that I got the test, due to my family history for heart problems.  Particularly my sister, who had a small heart attack 4 years younger than I am.


It was only a little more than an hour from arrival to departure.  I was told to expect 3 hours.


Now I really need a shower.  And I'm gonna wash these clothes too.  :p

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Got biology midterm graded and recorded.  That was my biggest roadblock to my grading backlog.  Now I can move on more quickly, I think, in getting things caught up.  


Got ds from college.  Brought him home because he forgot his wallet and I forgot his lunch.  Got that settled and took him to work.

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